Commodore Amiga Retro

My Amiga Workstation

My original 1993 Amiga A1200

My original Amiga A1200 as it looks today:


Blizzard 1230 TurboIV accelerator with 32MB RAM
and an SCSI Kit adaptor linked to external port

Internal 550MB IDE hard drive running Amiga
Workbench 3.0 ( my preferred OS )

Connected via the SCSI port to the rear are two
number 2.1GB SCSI drives, an Iomega 100MB ZIP drive,
and a CD-ROM drive running AmiCDFS

Internet and Mail is provided by Miami, YAM and AWeb
which utilise the serial port modem.

There are two floppy drives; the original DD Drive,
and a Power Computing HD Floppy XL Drive enabling me
to read PC disks utilising CrossDOS.

The Amiga has two network facilities, first being by
use of Parnet linked to the parallel port, allowing
me to link to another Amiga. The other is by AmiPC
link cable connecting again via the parallel port
to a PC. There are plans to attach a PCMCIA ethernet
card to a faster PC network.

The final piece of hardware on show here is the Microvitec
monitor which has multiscan facilities allowing me to view
Amiga native display resolutions. Ideal for gaming.

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Last updated 07/10/06