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AMIGA FORMAT: Issue 5 Dec 1989
Britains Leading Magazine for Amiga Owners

How the Amiga has furthered man`s ventures
into the space and beyond the computer screen.

ITS SHOWTIME: Commodore come to Earls Court.
Commodore`s stand at the PC Show was
impressively large, white walled affair, with
plenty going on inside. There was everything
from a games arcade to DTP, graphics to music,
even helpful folks from Commodore`s technical
support department were on hand.

... Demos included Pen pal from Brown Wagh,
Music X from Microillusions, Arena from ASAP
and Ocean, Domark and Mirrorsoft showing off
their latest games.

One of the highlights on Commodore`s stand was
Discover from Xebec. It`s an interactive
information system aimed at providing point of
sale information. It consists of a touch
sensitive keypad linked to an A2000.


A big announcement at the PC Show from
Commodore was of an educational bundle
for the A500 priced at 499. Including
a Midi Interface, DeluxePaint II, Superbase
Personal, Kindwords, Maxiplan 500 and Dr T`s
Midi Recording Studio.


Mandarin`s forthcoming game creation programme
Amos has been delayed until January 1990.


Cumana has re-styled, re-designed and re-released
two disk drives for the Amiga.The two drives are
3.5" and 5.25" models compatible with the A500,
A1000 and A2000. Costs 89 and 134.95.


Kuma have launched a new comms programme called
K-Komm 2, at a price of 29.95. It comes with this
comprehensive list of features: baud rates from
75 to 9600, send and receive Xmodem files, log
files to disk, printer output, Viewdata emulation,
Hayes modem support, programmable function keys,
auto dialing and log-on sequences.


A590 Hard Drive with 2mb RAM 599.95.
8MB RAM boards cost 899
Amiga A2000 with XT 20MB HD 2MB RAM plus monitor
G2 Genlock and Pro-video plus cost 3218


The Amiga 2000 v A Rubber Plant....


The Sculpt-Animate series of 3D modelling and
rendering programs from Byte by Byte have been
available in Britain for just two years and it is
now the most popular 3D system.... full article
on the 3D creation of a moving flying insect.


Game review for new game by Ocean 24.99
Graphics 8 Sound 7 Intellect 3 Addiction 8
Overall 90%. The team.. Andy Smith was the
ace with Bob Wade and Pat McDonald.


Tintin on the Moon by Infogrames 24.99 83%
Lancaster by Actual Screenshots 24.95 61%
Dragon Spirit 19.95... score 67%
Laser Squad by Blade 19.95 93%


JASON HOLBURN takes a look at Abacus` latest

Amiga 3D Graphics Programme in Basic
Amiga C for Advanced Programmers.
Amiga Graphics Inside and Out.

RODENT RIVALRY: Jason Holburn checks out a
mouse with no balls.... 80 does seem a rather
lot for a mouse. BOING! Mouse Amiga Centre Scotland.


Ghostbusters II, Iconizer, Acid Demo, Brushcon,
Memgauge, Word Count, Insect Life, XColour and
Workbench Hacks.. Esuom, Mischief and Leftymouse.

HiSoft Basic 79.95, Lattice C Ver5 299

PDUPDATE: Richard Monteiro checks out the best
public domain software:

COMIC ON A DISK: GTS. This features Nemesis Prologue
a comic on a disk starring a semi human killer.
SIMGEN: Fish 243 Very nice SimGen
COLOUR WINDOW Fish 238. Using colour window can
control the colour assignment of any Intuitions`s
custom screen.
3D EXTRAVAGANZA: GTS Time to fish out those 3D glasses.
TBAG 29: Another helping from the Tampa Bay Amiga Group.


Perhaps one of the most common feelings expressed
by modem users is that of lonliness. The long hours
spent tapping away at an impersonal keyboard, the
importance of finding that last little bug, the
tedium of slaving over a hot VDU.. Don`t believe
a word of it: they are having a whale of a time. And
here`s how. At the end of your telephone is a whole new
world just waiting to be discovered... COMMS. and
Compunet - online.

MICROBOTICS means Amiga-Power
Amiga HardFrame / 2000 DMA SCSI Interface 199
Amiga A500 M501 Memory and Clock .. half a meg 99
Amiga 1000 Starboard 2 The Expansion of Choice 199


Jason Holborn answers...
Query on editing the RAM disk icon..
Query on writing a text based adventure game..
Language queries in C , Modula2 and Assembler..
How to transfer C64 software to your Amiga..
WHO YA GONNA CALL.. the Workbench Helpline.

Will a larger Agnus Chip make any real difference ?
HOW HEAVY IS YOUR AGNUS ? From guy with a B2000

DOS library routines Lock() Explained
LIBRARY "dos.library"

Naksha sell the universal mouse for Amstrad PC
Atari and the Commodore AMIGA.

GAMEBUSTERS: Rick Dangerous Handy hints and
helpful tips:

MUSICAL MASTERY: Jason Holburn checks out
Passports first Amiga offering: Master Tracks Pro.

MUSIC SECTION: Jon Bates cuts up and mixes in the
hi-tech world of sampling.
Feature on Pro-Sound Designer and
Advanced Midi Amiga Sampler and FutureSound 500.

HARD AND FAST: Xetecs Latest: The FastTrack drives
are available in several configurations depending
on your machine type and pocket. For 500 owners
there are external SCSI adaptors and seperate
drive enclosures containing a 40Mb drive, and for
the A2000 users there is the advantage of the
complete HardCard with 40MB HD.

SUBSCRIBE: To Amiga Format .. 12 action packed
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GURU`s Meditation: Captain Whinge.... Our warm best
wishes to Andy Smith and his new arrival.

Editor Bob Wade: Production Editor Damien Noonan
Reviews Editor Andy Smith Technical Jason Holborn
Art Editor Trevor Gilham..

Published by Future Publishing Ltd. Issue 5 Dec 1989.

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