Commodore Amiga Retro

My Works Machines

This is a snapshot of life from 2008 and I have
decided to leave as is as a reminder of life at that time


Life in 2008

Whilst I enjoy collecting and using Commodore
I certainly don't bury my head in `retro` all
the time. If you click the link from the picture
above you will see the computer that I use at
home occasionally for modern needs

In addition to the Amiga's at home I have five PC`s
networked, and two others in the Sanctuary
My favourite PC is my Windows98 machine from Evesham
which I use to surf the web. It is a humble Intel 550
but I can assure you that it is fast enough for me
I also have an XP machine here and a very fast Win98
machine. The other PCs are Win98 and Win95. I even have
a couple of Compaqs and a very old Evesham Micro..
All are working and I have linked to them scanners, cameras,
various modems, writable CD players and zip drives.

In respect of gaming I also possess an XBOX, PS2, PS1 and Dreamcast
I have a wall of console games and rarely am not playing
the latest games. Of late it was Alias on the XBOX
and Final Fantasy X-2 on the PS2

Recent addition is a Nintendo Gamecube

I like computers

What I don`t like is modern computer crap...
Yet another updated computer at work... See the
specification... And is it any better ? Is it ****!!

WINstuff WINstuff Evesham Laptop Legend Legend

Spec on my new work PC - My works laptop - My handheld/mobile phone

Some of the crap kit I have to suffer using
during the working day... Food without taste

Just a footnote... I gave up life in the office in November 2014

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