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The Zimmer List

A near complete list of all things Commodore

The Original KIM-1

Commodore 2000K Game Console
Commodore 3000H Game Console
CHESSmate Gamepad

PET 2001 Series:

PET 2001-4
PET 2001-8
PET 2001N-8
PET 2001N-16
PET 2001N-32

PET 3001 Series:

CBM 3008
CBM 3016
CBM 3032

PET 4000 Series:

PET 4008
PET 4016
PET 4032

CBM 8000 Series:

CBM 8032
CBM 8096
CBM 8032SK
CBM 8096SK
CBM 8296 "Execudesk"
CBM 8296-D "Execudesk"

CBM 9000 Series:

Commodore SuperPET

CBM-II Series:

Commodore B128
Commodore B500
Commodore B500/256
Commodore CBM 128-80
Commodore CBM 256-80
Commodore CBM 500/700
Commodore CBM 610
Commodore CBM 710
Commodore CBM 720
Commodore CBM 720-D

PET-II Series:

Commodore P500
"Z" Commodore 900

VIC/VolksComputer Series:

The VIC-1001
VIC-20 "The Friendly Computer"
VC-20, der "Volks Computer"
VIC-21 "The SuperVIC"

Commodore 64 Series:

Commodore Max Machine
Commodore 64
Commodore PET 64
Commodore Educator 64
Commodore SX64 "Executive Computer"
Commodore 64c (C64-II)
Commodore "Aldi" 64
Commodore C64g
Commodore 64gs "Games System"

Commodore 264 Series:

Commodore 116
Commodore 16
Commodore 232
Commodore Plus/4
Commodore V364

Commodore 128 Series:

Commodore 128
Commodore 128D
Commodore 128DCR

Commodore 64DX/65

Commodore/Amiga Series:

Amiga 1000
Amiga 1500
Amiga 2000
Amiga 2000HD
Amiga 500
Amiga 500/Plus
Amiga 2500
Amiga 3000
Amiga 3000UX
Amiga 3000T
Amiga 600
Amiga 4000
Amiga 4000T
Amiga 1200
Commodore CDTV
Commodore CDTV/CR
Commodore/Amiga CD32

Commodore PC Series:

Commodore PC-I
Commodore PC10
Commodore PC10-II
Commodore PC10-III
Commodore PC20-III
Commodore PC30-III
Commodore PC40-III
Commodore PC45-III
Commodore PC50-II
Commodore PC60-III
Commodore Colt
Commodore HD40 SE
Commodore 286 SE
Commodore SL-386
Commodore 286LT
Commodore 386SX-LT
Commodore 325XN
Commodore 486SX-LTC

Disk Drives

Commodore Datasettes:

Commodore 1530
Commodore C2N
Commodore 1531

CBM IEEE Drives:

CBM 2040
CBM 3040
CBM 4040
CBM 8050
CBM 8250
CBM 8250lp
CBM SFD-1001
CBM 8280 (8" drive!)
Commodore 2031
Commodore 4031
Commodore 2031lp
CBM 9060 hard drive
CBM 9090 hard drive

Commodore Serial Drives:

Commodore VIC-1540
Commodore VC-1540
Commodore VIC-1541
Commodore 1541-II
Commodore 1541C
Commodore 1570
Commodore 1571
Commodore 1581

Commodore 1551
Commodore 1565

Commodore Amiga Drives:

Amiga 1010
Amiga 1011
Amiga 1411
Amiga 1020
Amiga 570
Amiga 590
Amiga 3070


Commodore IEEE Printers:

CBM 2022
CBM 2023
CBM 4022
CBM 4023
CBM 8023p
CBM 8229
CBM 8300
CBM 6400
Commodore MPP1361

Commodore Serial Printers:

Commodore VIC-1515
Commodore VIC-1525
Commodore VIC-1520
Commodore DPS-1101
Commodore MCS-801
Commodore MCS-810
Commodore MPS-801
Commodore MPS-802
Commodore 1526
Commodore MPS-803
Commodore MPS-1000
Commodore MPS-1224c
Commodore MPS-1200
Commodore MPS-1230
Commodore MPS-1250

Commodore Centronic Printers:

Commodore MCS-820
Commodore MPS-1270
Commodore MPS-2000C
Commodore IP3300


Commodore 1701
Commodore 1702
Commodore CM-141
Commodore 1801
Commodore 1802
Commodore 1802 (Brown)
Commodore 1802 (Tall)
Commodore 1802d
Commodore 1901
Commodore 1902a
Commodore/Amiga 1080
Commodore 1084S
Commodore 1084S-D1
Commodore 2002
Commodore 2080
Commodore 1402
Commodore 1403
Commodore 1404
Commodore 1930
Commodore 1935
Commodore 1936A
Commodore 1942
Commodore 1950
Commodore 1960


Commodore 8010
Commodore 1600 "VICMODEM"
Commodore 1650 "AUTOMODEM"
Commodore 1660
Commodore 1670
Commodore 1670CR Commodore 1680/RS1200
Commodore Compunet
Commodore VM2400
Commodore BTX-II decoder
Amiga BTX cable


Commodore Joysticks:

Commodore 1311 Joystick
Commodore "Atari"-style Joystick
Commodore 1341 Joystick
Commodore 1342 Joystick

Commodore Paddles:

Commodore 1312 Paddles
Commodore 64 Paddles

Commodore Mice:

Commodore 1350 Mouse
Commodore 1351 Mouse
Commodore 1352 Mouse
Commodore/Amiga 313254-01 Mouse
Commodore/Amiga 313255-02 Mouse
Commodore/Amiga A3000 "Pregnant" Mouse
Commodore CD-1252 Mouse
Commodore CD-1253 Mouse
Commodore LYNX-97P Mouse

Commodore Misc. Devices:

CBM 4010 Voice Unit
Commodore EPROM Programmer
Commodore CD-1221 Keyboard
Commodore CD-1200 Controller
Amiga A10 Speakers
Amiga 520 Video Adapter


Commodore VIC/VC Expansion:

Commodore VIC 1210 Ram Expansion
Commodore VIC 1211a Ram Expansion
Commodore VIC 1110 Ram Expansion
Commodore VIC 1111 Ram Expansion
Commodore VIC 1112 IEEE-488 Adapto
Commodore VIC-1010 Expansion Station
Commodore VIC-1011a RS232 cartridge
Commodore VIC-1020 Expansion Station
Commodore VC-1020 Expansion Station
Commodore VIC-20 cartridges

Commodore 64/128 Expansion:

Commodore 1700 Ram Expansion
Commodore 1764 Ram Expansion
Commodore 1750 Ram Expansion
Commodore 64 Z-80 CP/M System
Commodore "Magic Voice"
SFX Series:

Sound Expander
Sound Sampler
SFX Music Keyboard Set
Commodore 64 Music Keyboard

Amiga Expansion:

Amiga A501 Ram Expansion
Amiga A560 Arcnet Adapter

The above list courtesy of Bo Zimmerman

The Greatest Commodore Collector of all Time

Bo Zimmerman , and this is his web page..

"..pages cater only to folks of both taste and distinction."


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