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a690 a690 a690 a690

a690 a690 a690 a690

a690 a690

Commodore Amiga A690

The A690 prototype.

This CD-ROM upgrade was mistakenly given the wrong
number A690, which should reflect an Amiga 600
SCSI card. As to why it was numbered wrong, nobody
really knows.

The A570 was first developed at a time when the
A600 was not in being and for reasons known only
to the developers the A570 CD-ROM was given the
number A690. However, once the A600 was announced
it was obvious that this number would have to
change. By the time of the A600 launch a number
of these A690 prototypes were already in circulation,
as they were exhibited at Commodore shows.

The A690 was in late development at the time of its
name change and therefore not much differs between it
and the A570, particularly to the PCB and case anyway.
The main difference is the provision of a battery
which was understood to power the re-programmable
ROM, which holds the A690`s software ie. CD-ROM driver,
auto-config code, CDTV screens; useful obviously
for when the unit is switched off. Also the memory
card slot (CN2) does not have the 40 pin DIL connector.

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