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Why Collect ?

My answer is ... `why not ?`

When you have been around computers as long as I you get somewhat tired of the same old stuff constantly being churned out by the big software houses and hardware manufacturers. And its not cheap to keep up with the pack. No sooner have you got your new version of Metal Gear Solid, than you find a better version about to hit the shelves. At 30 - 40 a shot that can become quite expensive. Add to that the game manual, which to be honest is essential, particularly for games like Final Fantasy, and your talking about shelling out over 50. So when you reflect on this and consider the joy of winning stuff off Ebay for a fiver, then you start to think... `maybe its time to stop `.

And so, I spend probably much less now on my hobby and finish up with a constant flow of boxes of retro goodies to keep me occupied.

Obviously, not practical for everyone, but I got the space ( just ) and I have no other interests. So instead of 10 on booze, it's a few games cartridges and maybe a VIC-20 system off the Bay. Instead of new computer hardware and software it's older computers, software and peripherals for me now.

Am I mad; yes, probably. But ( big but ), once you have the gear you never have to again say...

`I used to have one of those.... `

As to what I collect... Well pretty much anything related to Commodore. I love SCSI interfaces, hence the name scuzz, and would promote the concept of plug-in, plug-out peripherals, which you can easily swap out to all manner of machines, in preference to internal fixed hardware, any day of the week.

What I don`t like ... `Printers` I hate printers. I see no point of a printer when you have a computer and a monitor. I got a computer to get rid of paper. So I`m pretty much paperless.

My favourite computer The Amiga A1200 Simply the greatest computer ever designed I mean that sincerely. The whole unit is a design marvel. Nothing has been left to chance and unlike modern computers, the design flows through each and every part of the computer from hardware and even through into the OS

My most treasured item ?Beside my 1993 A1200 I would have to say its my original Microvitec monitor, I would hate to lose either. Add to that my configuration for DOpus4 and my own icon collection and that would pretty well sum up my most treasured items.

What won`t I collect ? Towers, towered up Amigas, other than the A3000T and the A4000T. I really cannot get my head around taking apart a perfectly good Amiga and turning it into type of PC. Everyone to their own I guess

Whats left to collect ? Tons of stuff...

All I long for are happy computing days, and that means getting off the fast train and watching it fly off in the distance, with a big smile on your face....

Be a Ghostbuster

`Got a date with a ghost`...Ghostbusters

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