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Collecting Magazines [ old note ]

Of all the items that I collect I find the magazines in many ways the most rewarding. Basically, magazines offer a very valuable source of information and will show images of equipment in their original state, often showing hardware and cable attachments. Also the reviews at the time of the publication are fresh and current to that period, and not muddied by the years since.

You are often given additional magazines when you collect, as happened just this week. I received copies of `Shareware Shopper` in a batch of Amiga magazines, a publication which I had not come across before. The magazine was printed by Europress Publications and featured the PC, Amiga and Atari ST. Vol 1 No 1 dated October 1991 (1.50) sets out in detail the advantages of Shareware and Gabriel Jacobs writes ..` Apart from try-before you-buy, shareware offers other advantages over traditional commercial software. The biggest is that since there`s normally no expenditure on fancy packaging, advertising, support staff and commercial premises, the cost of registration is very low indeed... ` He goes on..` Furthermore, most shareware authors are happy to be contacted for advice or to receive suggestions, which is more than you can say about the commercial software houses.`

The magazine also carries a full page advert for Micro Mart which it says will be weekly from Issue 150 on 12th September 1991

There is a great article in the magazine about setting up your own Shareware PD Library.

The Scuzz Magazine Collection
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Amiga Action
No longer updated - See ' PUBLICATIONS '

Amiga Active

Amiga Active Amiga Active

Amiga Active 01: Viva
Amiga Active 02: Pheonix Rising
Amiga Active 03: Wipeout
Amiga Active 04: Digital convergence
Amiga Active 05: Sold
Amiga Active 06: Tao Revealed
Amiga Active 07: Digital Cinema
Amiga Active 08:
Amiga Active 09:
Amiga Active 10: Develop for the New Amiga
Amiga Active 11: Happy birthday Amiga
Amiga Active 12: More than nuts and bolts
Amiga Active 13: We made it
Amiga Active 14: PCI At Last
Amiga Active 15: Nightlong
Amiga Active 16: Voodoo
Amiga Active 17: Amiga`s rivals
Amiga Active 18: Digicam Delights
Amiga Active 19: Payback
Amiga Active 20: Enter the G-Rex
Amiga Active 21: Groovy Software
Amiga Active 22: Summer madness
Amiga Active 23: Moovid
Amiga Active 24: Loading nextgen
Amiga Active 26: Do not adjust your set

Amiga Computing 1988
No longer updated - See ' PUBLICATIONS '

Amiga Format
No longer updated - See ' PUBLICATIONS '

Amiga Shopper
No longer updated - See ' PUBLICATIONS '

Amiga User International
No longer updated - See ' PUBLICATIONS '

Amiga World

Amiga World Special 1987: Reference Guide
Amiga World Mar Apr 1987: Next Generation Amiga
Amiga World May Jun 1987: The ne Amiga 500
Amiga World Sep Oct 1987: Master the Machine
Amiga World Nov 1987: Amigas get down to Business
Amiga World Feb 1988: Bridging the Gaps
Amiga World Jun 1989: King of Animation
Amiga World Jul 1989: Choice Picks
Amiga World Oct 1990: Special Effects

64`er German


For Amigans, By Amigans, On Amigas

Issue 3 Summer 1999: Get Netted

Commodore User

Commodore User Feb 1988: Predator
Commodore User Mar 1988: Photon Death
Commodore User Apr 1988: Target Renegade
Commodore User May 1988: Piracy on trial

CU Amiga 1990
No longer updated - See ' PUBLICATIONS '

Shareware Shopper

Shareware Shopper Oct 1991 Vol 1: Music and Graphics
Shareware Shopper Dec 1991 Vol 3: Business and Leisure Software
Shareware Shopper Jan 1992 Vol 4: Business
Shareware Shopper Feb 1992 Vol 5: Making Micro Music
Shareware Shopper Mar 1992 Vol 6: Protect and Survive

ST Amiga Format

Issue 4 Oct 1988: Grabbed
Issue 5 Nov 1988: Cartoon Capers
Issue 6 Dec 1988: Sound Judgement
Issue 10 Apr 1989: Pump up the Power
Issue 11 May 1989: Fighting Ace

Stampede and Rampage

Stampede disk based magazine Issue 1 July 90 plus disks
Stampede disk based magazine Issue 2 Aug 90 plus disks
Rampage ( formerly Stampede ) Issue 3 plus disks
Rampage ( formerly Stampede ) Issue 4 plus disks
Rampage ( formerly Stampede ) Issue 5 plus disks

The One
No longer updated - See ' PUBLICATIONS '


Issue 10 Spring 2002 Descent Freespace
Issue 13 Winter 2002 USB Peripherals
Issue 14 Spring 2003 Quake 2
Issue 15 Summer 2003 AMIGA OS.4
Issue 16 Autumn 2003 Algor USB
issue 17 Winter 2003/04 Amiga OS4: Hands On

Your Amiga

Your Amiga Jan 1988: Music packages
Your Amiga Jun/Jul 1988: Win an Amiga
Your Amiga Oct/Nov 1988: Wordprocessor Roundup
Your Amiga Dec/Jan 1989: Comic Setter
Your Amiga Jan 1989: Moviesetter
Your Amiga Feb/Mar 1989: Design 3D
Your Amiga Apr/May 1989: CLI for beginners
Your Amiga Jun 1989: Games Played
Your Amiga Sep 1989: Sky`s a Limit
Your Amiga Dec 1989: Space Ace

Your Commodore

Your Commodore Oct 1986: C64 Roundup
Your Commodore Jan 1988: C64 tape system
Your Commodore Feb 1988: WEOS
Your Commodore Apr 1988: Final Cartridge
Your Commodore May 1988: Write your own compiler

The World of Amiga 1996 Exhibition Guide

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