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Checkmate A1500

Recently added a boxed Checkmate

Checkmate Checkmate Checkmate Checkmate

That makes two in the collection now
This new addition has a different badge to
the one below

My first Checkmate

checkmate checkmate checkmate checkmate

checkmate expansion checkmate expansion checkmate expansion checkmate expansion

checkmate expansion checkmate expansion

A1500 System by Checkmate Digital Limited

An A1500 ( prior to Commodore version ) with A500 fitted
Included also is an A590 XT 20Mb version sidecar with half Mb plus
additional external 50MB hard-drive, 5.25 and 3.25" external
floppy drives, and a 1084S monitor. The machine is fitted with
the 2.04 OS and version 2.0 Roms. Probably retailed for about
1200 in its day

Other features for this machine include the Megachip 2000/500
giving 2Mb of chip RAM, the Multistart II which allowed the
installation of the Kickstart V2.0 ROMS, Workbench Management
System 2.0 by TTR, teletext add-on and scanner.

Evidently the popularity of this model concerned Commodore
sufficiently to warrant the release of the official A1500
to the UK market only

Checkmate in context

checkmate context

Actual photograph from where I collected Checkmate

checkmate context

And my ' Wonderwall ' of kit I also collected that day

checkmate wonderwall

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