Commodore Amiga Retro

Workbench Screen Grabs

Workbench 3.0

Some of the icons in the above `screen grab`
launch an image of the application and tool
Go ahead and click away..

Games Remembered

Hired Guns

`Countdown to Graveyard`...
Two star systems, one bloody war
The seeds of the War can be found in
one of the exploratory missions to
the Lacaille Star System... The Luyten System
Thanks to Scott Johnston

Imagine 3.0

For a great `Imagine` tutorial click the image above

The reason for this `Screeb Grab` is to show
the files stored on the two Imagine Companion Disks

DEVS Drivers

Check out the CD0 Tooltype icon and both
of the ZPC Tooltype icons. Note that the
left ZPC is the mountfile from the actual
Tooltype, accessed from DOpus or CED, and the
right ZPC accesses the `info` on the icon
when requested from the Workbench drop-down menu

Hard Drive Toolbox

You can click the main buttons on this picture
to see what hard-drive tools there are from the Tooltype


Click the `Power CD` prefs icon

Workbench `About`

The Kickstart that I use

Screen grabs of my OS3.9 installation

Click the second image for a larger view

scuzz site

If you can only see this CONTENT window
then click the image above for the full site

Last updated 07/10/06