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Subject 01: FAT BOYS: Is this the end of the line for Microsoft

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FAT BOYS: Sept 2007

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FAT BOYS: The end of the line for Microsoft

' F A T ' best describes bloated Microsoft .
Efficiency has never been the Microsoft way
and as machines get quicker, storage capacity
larger, Microsoft always seems to balance the
equation with more bloat on the eye candy and
none essentials. Sure, we like a nice interface,
but honestly, does that have to be at the cost
of new hardware, every time Microsoft introduce
more of the same ' FAT '. I use the word FAT,
albeit the way Microsoft's overly tired
Disk Operating System now operates isn't on the
FAT side. Still, it provides byte for byte less
for your processing power than you think.

Here's the thing. Over the last few years there
has been general growth in mp3 players, mobile
phones etc and all these devices have limited
hardware capabilities to run complex and large
programs. And yet they manage to give the user
more and more and more to play with, with each 
successive year that passes. It doesn't take
too much of the old ' stretching of the imagination '
to realise that the modern user wants mostly to
listen to music and videos and talk to their
mates. What is crazy, is the greater percentage
of computer processing power on a day in day out
basis is used for utter trivia. I mean to the
extreme of moronic nonsense... One line emails
and text, all badly written, simply to ensure 
that an individual can proclaim their existence
on the planet. So why do you need a very powerful
computer ? Truth is you don't, and that is the
main issue, I believe,  that is gonna floor the MS giant.

And why ?... Google, Firefox and YouTube show that 
through the clever use of an interface you rarely 
need to venture outside the box when using your 
computer. Firefox, with all its ' add-ons' gives the 
user a feel of independence and the ability to 
customise. Thing about Firefox is that it works on 
a variety of platforms. Google have also been looking 
at reducing their reliance on Microsoft. So what's
the deal here... Well, port these app's 'stroke'
browsers onto a base-running-system and you
could have an interactive browser on your, fridge
door, dvd player, mobile phone, GPS etc etc. In fact
you could have a browser working on any electrical
device with the fraction of processing power. 
Gamers could really go to town, even with hand
held devices. The key will be development and
this could mean a new format emerging over the
next few years. Don't be surprised if Apple don't
feature heavily in this development.

So where does that leave ' FAT ' Microsoft. Well,
like so many giants that have gone before, they
continue to bloat the product and drive hardware
dependency to greater extremes. Intel and the
like fuel this fire, and the blind beast just
gets bigger and bigger and bigger. But as in the
great story of how the humble tiniest microbe
destroyed the machines in War of the Worlds, it
may just be that the smallest of computer devices
could herald the end of Microsoft.

We are heading for a revolution in the way we
want to interact with the world via computer
powered devices. This means more independence
for users, and simpler mechanisms for using
devices. Bigger doesn't naturally mean better,
and faster doesn't naturally equate to being
more beneficial when used inefficiently. 

Final comment. The world needs to wake up to
the validation processes that MS are currently
imposing on their products. I say ' the world '
cus the kid in the street is wise to all of this.
And if by using an independent interface he can
bootleg films and music, then that's the way
it's gonna be for this kind of user. Since the
dawn of home computing, piracy has been one of
the biggest driving forces behind hardware and
software specific duplicating processes. Times
have not changed. 

Just my thoughts....


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