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Subject 01: Its All Gone a Bit Classic
Subject 02: New Years Greetings
Subject 03: Shark PPC
Subject 04: Amiga OS5 Makes a Confused Appearance
Subject 05: Blu-ray winning

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Fresh from the pages of Micro Mart

Entry 0801: Blog: 1

Its All Gone a Bit Classic


Fresh from the pages of Amiga Mart...

[ quote ]

After Dennis Van Weeren finished the initial design
of the proposed MiniMig computer in July and released
it as an open-source project, a few small companies
have produced bare PCB's for end usersto populate
themselves. However Acube Systems ( which produces
the SAM440EP as well as manufaturers and distributes
Amiga OS4.0 Classic ) has announced the soon-to-be-
available run of MiniMig 1.1 ' mass produced ' boards
that are fully populated and ready to be installed in
appropriate nano-ITX compliant cases ( the board is
correct 12cm x 12cm dimensions ) ...

[ end quote ]

Seems a bare populated board will cost around 138 Euro.
So shipping to the UK say 140-150. This excludes the
legal ROM

Check out


News from Hyperion Entertainment

Entry 0801: Blog: 2

New Years Greetings


[ quote ]

Hyperion Entertainment kicked off the best wishes 
for the new year in statement that also went on to
say that it intends to drastically expand the feature
set of Amiga OS4x and the range of PowerPC based
target hardware . It confirms that some exciting new
features are in beta testing with further functionality
in development, and are due for release in 2008.
They go on to say that an update to the classic edition
of Amiga OS4 will be available shortly.

[ end quote ]


News from Elbox

Entry 0801: Blog: 3

Shark PPC


Elbox have reported a lot of enquiries for the 
Shark PPC cards since the release of the 
classic version of Amiga OS4.0 at the end
of November. Evidently the hardware design
team is hard at work on PowerPC products
for classic Amigas... Evidently 2008 is promised
as being a very exciting time.


AmigaAnywhere 2

Entry 0801: Blog: 4

Amiga OS5 Makes a Confused Appearance


Its CES time again and in an event outside the
main venue Amiga showed off AmigaAnywhere 2
its new virtual machine, running shoot-em-up
Invasion on Windows Mobile 6 ... er dubbed

[ quote ]

' device-independent single, ubiquitous Virtual
Environment that functions across different
operating systems and the internet. AmigaAnywhere
2 runs Amiga code on top of it... It currently runs
on Windows, Windows Mobile and Linux running
on both PCs and embedded systems. Symbian
OS and Mac versions will follow. 

So where did Amiga OS5 come from ? Amiga 
President Bill McEwen told technology website 
The Register that AmigaAnywhere 2 is in fact
Amiga OS5, with the change in the name 
coming at Microsofts insistence...

[ end quote ]

Evidently MS didn`t want it looking like another OS was
taking over from its own... er even though thats ecactly
what happens.. albeit on a one app basis. 

More reading see MicroMart.


Blu-ray on the up

Entry 0801: Blog: 5

Blu-ray winning the format wars


Given that the announcement that Warner Bros 
Entertainment is to abandon the HD DVD, and
given the immediate cancellation of the massive
media event by the HD DVD Promotional Group
at the recent CES , you can kinda understand
why their seems to be some acceptance of Blu-ray 
as the industry standard. My goodness, even XBOX 
is looking into Blu-ray.

Evidently you would be very unwise to get a Blu-ray
player at the moment, cus the next gen players are
going to bring a whole range of facilities not currently
available. I have seen the interactive content of some 
of the new Blu-ray discs and this is going to be a 
minor revolution in the way we use these kind of




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