ScuzzBlog: 14th July 2015

Subject 01: Future Project: Sad to see
Subject 02: Battery Check: The only barrel left
Subject 03: Amiga 1060: Finally
Subject 04: The Humble Disk Box: A work of art
Subject 05: The Amiga 500 Plus: Back from the dead

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Sad to see ...

Entry 1507: Blog: 1

Future Project

Whilst undertaking this update I came across this Amiga 1200 lying on the 
top of a stacked bunch of crates. I have no idea how long she has been 
there. By the side of the Amiga was a box with a hard drive in so I guess
I had thought about mending her.

Strange that I recall the mod to the motherboard but cannot recall testing
the machine. She has been marked badly and keys are missing. As soon as
I can get the update complete I will set to putting matter in hand to get
her up and running again.

I placed a bid for a motherboard on Ebay but felt guilty of robbing 
another potential Amiga used. I have been outbid and will try again
another day.
Happy days.

a1200 a1200 a1200 a1200

Battery Check

Entry 1507: Blog: 2

The only barrel left

This was a struggle and one I had not been looking forward to. The only Amiga
that I have that still has the barrel battery is the Amiga 2000HD. When I
obtained the Amiga some ten years ago it was fitted with a new batter. Even
so that is a long time ago.

I managed to dig the machine out from the back of storage and carefully 
opened the case. This machine is rare as it specifically is the model of the
2000 badged as hard drive.

I am convinced the battery is OK though I have set her aside to remove it
when I get the opportunity.

a2000 a2000 a2000 a2000

a2000 a2000 a2000 a2000

Amiga 1060

Entry 1507: Blog: 3

Finally !!!

Not only finally that I managed to get my hands on the 1060
but also I finally managed to photograph it and get it on
the web site... This has been a long time coming.

1060 1060 1060 1060

1060 1060 1060 1060

The Amiga Sidecar is an IBM PC XT system.
The exception being only the I/O devices and operations
which are handled by the Amiga computer.

Processor: Intel 8088 clocked at 4.77 MHz
RAM: 256 kB (expandable to 512 kB + 80 kB Dual Bus Memory)
Graphics Emulation: Dependent on Amiga settings. (Can use real 8-bit ISA graphics cards)
Sound Emulation: Dependent on Amiga settings. (can use real 8-bit ISA sound cards)
One internal 5.25" drive bay normally fitted with a 360K 5.25" floppy drive
3 x 8-bit ISA slots for using real PC cards
Amiga 1000 Expansion Bus connector (for Amiga connectivity)

The Humble Disk Box

Entry 1507: Blog: 4

A work of art

The humble disk box ... often once a work of art
And that is disk with a 'k' let us not forget

Disk Box Disk Box Disk Box Disk Box

Disk Box Disk Box

The Amiga 500 Plus

Entry 1507: Blog: 5

Back from the dead

Some final images of the A500 Plus that I rescued
You gotta say that that is better than sex :-)

A500 Plus A500 Plus A500 Plus A500 Plus

Recent success raising a machine from the dead

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