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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 27th July 2017: Post: 2

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My 5.25" plastic disk box arrived today. To my surprise inside was a 
5.25" disk with MS-DOS written on the label. So I hot footed to the 
A1200 in the next room with the external 5.25" drive and discovered that 
on the disk was MS-DOS v2.12 with the following files. IBMB10.COM - 
IBMDOS.COM and IMOUSE.BOO. On the side is a label with a list of disks 
that use to be in the box. Shame they are not there, but hey, I wasn't 
expecting a disk in the box anyway.

Turns out that v2.12 was a special version written for the TI Professional 
in 1983/1984 or Texas Instruments Portable Professional Computer (PPC)

All of that gleaned from reading a 5.25" disk on the humble Amiga using 
an external 5.25" drive and CrossDOS.

So you see... you can read DOS based 5.25" disks on an Amiga external 
drive and it really doesn't have to be an Amiga drive.


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