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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 28th July 2017: Post: 2

A change of heart

So funny. Having spent the time swapping over the 1200 and then setting 
up the Archos I find that the next two dozen disks wont even run on the 
A1200. The age of the disks meant that I was forever turning to my 
trusty A500 to check the disks. Anyway, it became apparent that I 
probably needed to use a 500 to check these disks and so I dug out 
another A500 with a 590 sidecar and set the machine up instead of the 1200.

This wasn't such a bad thing to do as it proves very beneficial to the 
old XT drives to keep them active. This 500 with its red power light 
works without fault and was used as my main 500 up until last year when 
I retired the computer. The 590 is a great little beast and has been 
with me for many many years. The OS is Workbench 1.3 albeit version 
34.28 which is the one that came as an upgrade in 1989 and featured a 
lot more functionality than the original version. This version was 
released on the Amiga magazine. There are numerous drawers on my version.

First thing I did was set up the Parnet software and hook up to the 
Amiga 4000. Having done that I copied the whole of the Workbench and 
hard drive which took about the same time as it took for the kettle to 
boil. Amazing really. I do like having a full copy of the OS , 
especially when there has been obvious changes to the system over the 
years. This OS has a lot of my old BASIC stuff and demos and the like so 
nice to have a copy.

I then fell into the trap of playing two games which really are so 
addictive. The first being Tetris which needs no introduction. The 
second though was kinda new to me... the very addictive Activision game 
R-Type II. This is a Space Invaders meets Uridium kind of game which has 
that annoying problem of needing you to keep repeating the same process 
over and over each time you get killed. It really has always bewildered 
me how so much can be crammed onto one DD disk.  I seriously have to put 
this disk down.

I have updated the website with images of the set up and will post some 
links in a short while... well after my tea I guess.  Just don't know 
where the time goes..... burnt chicken and mushroom pie again. Ar hum

Some links to Greg Donner's site with details on the OS and some links 
relating to R-Type II.


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