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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 28th July 2017: Post: 3

3" Disk Head Cleaner


One of the issues I have been having with checking old disks is the need 
to keep the floppy drive heads clean. Can be an issue with really 
degraded disks. Last night I almost lost my prized A500 drive to a rogue 
disk. Thankfully I was able to restore thanks to my handy box of head 
cleaning kit. The issue drove me to abandon using that machine to check 
disks and to set up the one previously mentioned in a post.

Anyway... amazingly in the bottom of the box I came across an actual 
head cleaning disk for a 3" drive that I didn't know I had. I mean an 
actual Amstrad 'stylie' plastic 3" head cleaning disk. I have put 
pictures on the scuzzblog diary for anyone interested. So now I can 
clean up those DD1 drives. Classic.

I move on now to a diskbox filled with C64 3.5" disks. Yes, that is 
correct... 3.5" disks for the 1581 floppy drive for the Commodore C64. 
Almost a secret weapon of Commodore the 3.5" drive for the C64 machines. 
Sadly a bit late to save the range of machines. I picked up this drive 
from a guy in Swindon and actually visited him to collect. Not really 
sure he wanted to part with it. Whilst there he sold me all his C64 
cartridges. I think I may have mentioned, he mailed me quite regularly 
wanting to know if I wanted to sell them back. Not likely, sadly.

Anyway back to the diskbox cataloguing... up to disk 4000 now and 
finally onto the third shelf unit. Looks like being 2000 disks per shelf 
unit at the moment. That's a lot of disks to go. Phew !!

Not sure if folk know about these head cleaning disks. Seems that I am 
always reminding folk of them and to get them off Ebay. Certainly saved 
my life a few times. I even have a set for the 5.25" drives. The floppy 
lives. Hoorah !!


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