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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 31st July 2017: Post: 2

My Goodness


So not technically C64 3.5" floppy games but close enough I would say. 
Dug out my A64 Emulator v3.0 featured on the PD Underground Disks 17A, B 
, C , D C64, C64 Utilities, C64 Games 1 and C64 Games 2. The emulator 
will not work on my Amiga 4000. Only my Amiga 500 seems to do the trick. 
First though you have to boot from the disk into its very own workbench 
and then launch the software [ more pictures in the scuzzblog diary on 
my site ]. Games can be a bit slow but work fine. To load you use a LOAD 
"PAC MAN",10 command [ say ] .

The Emulator is by Cliff Dugan for Questronix  using the 6581 SID 
Emulator . And as for games well here is a taste...

Airwolf Bruce Lee Choplifter Death Star Drop Zone Frak Rambo 3 Scramble 
Gremlins Gyruss Jetsetwilly Mutant Monty Pac Man Psychyade River Raid 
Agent USA BAC PAC CBM Pool Chilly Willy Code Pogo Ghouls Hulk 4093 GORF 
Jackattack Kickman Merravid MrTNT Ms.Macman Poker Nude Prison Pyramid 
Rygel1 Side Pacman Spiderman Super Blitz Super Fruit Tazz Vultures WIZ

So there you have it C64 games on a 3.5" disk. Bit of a cheat and 
definitely still prefer the real thing.

Interesting that there is a GEOS folder on the Utilities disk. May have 
a play.


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