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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 31st July 2017: Post: 3

Workbench Blues


These variations on the Amiga Workbench got me really thinking about 
just which Workbench I actually had running on the various 500s or 
machines with the 1.3. So I did a bit of a run around and the pictures 
show the various themes.

First up is the A1500 running on an Electrohome monitor using a A2094 
card to power a 3.5" drive.

Kickstart 40.63 Workbench 34.34 Commodore 1985-1993 and that was ... 
Shipped with: Amiga 500, 2000, available as update 1990.

Next we have the A500 with GVP HD Plus running on a Philips CM8833-II 
with a 3.5" drive in the sidecar.

Kickstart 34.50 Workbench 34.30 and so ... Shipped with: Amiga 500, 
2000, available as update 1988.

Moving on to the A500 with the A590 XT drive sidecar running on a 1438 
Microvitec .

Kickstart 37.175 Workbench 34.28 and so ... Shipped with: Amiga 500, 
2000, available as update 1989

This was the OS that came on an Amiga magazine disk. Also was issued on 
official Commodore disks 1.3.2.

Next we have a grey screen with an A500 and A590 XT drive running on a 
Commodore 1081.

Kickstart 40.63 [ no less ] Workbench 40.42 Setpatch 40.16 1985-1993 . 
And so this is Workbench 3.1 running off a 3.1 ROM on a humble A500 with 
an old A590 XT drive. How cool is that. Released in 1994 for all classic 

And finally we have THE VIPER. An A500 fitted with internal 2.5" drive 
running on a SONY TRINITRON TV off a scart. The drive is fitted to the 
Viper 520 CD.

Kickstart 39.106 Workbench 39.29 1985-1992 and is Workbench 3.0 with the 
3.0 ROM designed for AGA machines.

Now remember what I said at the start. These are A500 designed Workbench 
machines and yet they use anything but. I struggled like mad yesterday 
to find a machine running the actual original 1.3 Workbench and found it 
only on the A1000, albeit on a disk with associated 1.3 Kickstart disk. 
Seems that everyone in the day was hell bent on expanding their A500s to 
the limit. I know the one machine here is a 1500, but it still uses the 
1.3 by choice.

Fascinating... My A500 1.3 adventure is not over yet and I certainly 
intend having them all in for interrogation to see what they have under 
each of their hoods. What makes it more interesting is the use of the 
ROM switchers on machines.

[The Workbench gallery can be found on the scuzzblog diaries section of 
the website.]


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