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I went in search of the lost Amiga 1000 archive [ April 4th 2018 ]

Not a sound was to be heard. Ar hum.
Apr25 2502: scuzzblog: Video back-up - I should be so lucky
Apr25 2501: scuzzblog: Sam Coupe from Miles Gordon
Apr25 2503: scuzzblog: Aspiredelos Quionosta and Clara Veiga update
Apr24 2401: scuzzblog: Acorn Atom - Build your own
Apr23 2303: scuzzblog: Commodore CBM 3032 - Lost my keys
Apr23 2302: scuzzblog: Commodore CBM 3032 - Back to the heavyweights
Apr23 2301: scuzzblog: Commodore CBM 8050 - Back to the heavyweights
Apr22 2203: scuzzblog: Commodore C128D and not cost reduced
Apr22 2202: scuzzblog: A1000 - Interface info
Apr22 2201: scuzzblog: Aspiredelos Quionosta and Clara Veiga returns
Apr21 2104: scuzzblog: On her last legs - Forty years on
Apr21 2103: scuzzblog: Groundhog Day - A day shall never forget
Apr21 2102: scuzzblog: AmigaGuide - Books with Buttons
Apr21 2101: scuzzblog: DPaint Masterclass
Apr20 2001: scuzzblog: If all else fails !!!
Apr20 2002: scuzzblog: Freedom
Apr19 1901: scuzzblog: Taking Samba for granted
Apr18 1801: scuzzblog: Nothing better to do so I switched on the Atari
Apr17 1703: scuzzblog: Try doing that with a CD
Apr17 1702: scuzzblog: I needed some cassettes
Apr17 1701: scuzzblog: Failed Hopelessly


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Mar16 1827: scuzzblog: A1000 with the A1060 Sidecar Working - Part 2
Mar16 1826: scuzzblog: A1000 with the A1060 Sidecar Working - Part 1
Mar15 1825: scuzzblog: A1200 - Unexpanded
Mar15 1824: scuzzblog: CD32 - Getting a rise out of the CD32
Mar14 1823: scuzzblog: 1060 and Disk Packs
Mar14 1822: scuzzblog: I'm in a black hole

End of one Glorious Year

Entry February 27: Diary: Amiga Games Manuals - Some of them
Entry February 26: Diary: Amiga Action - Advanced Booklet Creation
Entry February 26: Diary: Fred Fish
Entry February 25: Diary: Sinclair Spectrum 16K - Seeing the difference
Entry February 25: Diary: The way we were ... No pressure
Entry February 25: Diary: HiSoft
Entry February 24: Diary: DC TV for the Amiga

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