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Taking Samba for granted

I guess I have been using Samba so long for file sharing on the
Amiga that I kinda just take it for granted. Its easier with a
PC where you simply wire machines together and give them a
unique IP address. But with the Amiga when I first started it
was mighty hard getting the computer networked.

At first I was using Parnet and a little piece of software called
AmiPC to communicate between Amiga and PC. When I first linked
two PCs I simply used a crossover and NetBui. Time was it was
deemed dangerous to leave ports open on the PC, even when using
the humble modem.

So when I took the plunge and finally had a go at Samba I enlisted
the help of the Amiga Samba Group on Yahoo and man were they so
helpful, friendly and incredibly knowledgable. I think I was
very lucky to catch them whilst the group was still active. Thing
about computing is that get the program and or the processes
right and they generally will always be right. Trick though is
not to mess with the variables. Problems with the computer world
today is that the makers of software and programs just love
messing with the variables cus then they can sell new products.
I learned a long long time ago to keep computers well clear of
updates when they are working just fine to avoid them falling
over to the dreaded update.

Today most I guess are on the clouds or just don't store data.
The phone and tablet and ready available online content probably
means users don't need to store stuff. Dunno. Don't have a mobile
or a tablet or a cloud. For me I have two distinct networks active
here. The one is my own local network which is all hardwired
and runs through hubs/ports and links over a dozen machines all
offline and not in anyway hooked up to the internet. The other
is the simple BTHub and the Win7 and Win10 machine and even
with those I never have them both on at the same time. Data only
finds its way on and off an internet based computer via the
USB stick. The PS3 is also online but that doesn't count.

So when I am burdening the local power grid of the village with
several of my computers running I am clear of unwanted internet
activity. What this means is that I have always needed storage.
In the early days I would snaffle any old computer getting
junked at work just to use the hard drives for storage. I pretty
well built my network up around this basic concept and each
machine was/is given a loving female name in good old Amiga
tradition and then hooked into the system to use the storage.
Nothing really has changed in truth and I know each machine by
the name and also by some of the very useful software that still
exists on the computers. Not sure where the licenses are for
some of the machines. I was also able to get the software discs
and or disks plus all the various manuals. Man I never throw
anything away. So if its Creative 5.1 you need I have the discs.
Only this last week I was setting up a surround sound set of
speakers and that moment when the OS asks to go on the internet
for the drivers, I am always able to slot in the CD.

Anyroadup as they say ( who says ? ) ... Back to the subject in
hand. Samba and the convenience it gives. I never think about
the actual Samba processes and realised last year that I was
at risk of forgetting all the efforts needed to get the Amiga
talking to PCs. So I set about back tracking through my notes
and files and putting together a useful guide just for my
benefit, which is what I did and that is on the blog. However
a recent post on a forum got me scratching my head as to why
some have problems with Amiga files on PCs and I just wanted
to be sure I wasn't fooling myself.

And so I have these two 2.1SCSI external drives and an internal
2.5" on the treasured A1200 with the Ethernet and so set too
backing up across the network. By lunchtime today I had copied
the contents of all the hard drives to one Windows98 machine
called Kasumi (Dead or Alive) and to two XP machines plus a
USB stick and now on the Win7 machine also. I also created two
ZIP disks of my Workbench and Samba. The point being that given
the way I operate if a hard drive falls over I can simply copy
the contents back onto the drive and all will be back to normal.
That my friends is the beauty of the Amiga. A time when computer
life was way simpler. I never keep one copy of anything, ever.

And so to Samba. The view on the forum was the files were not
safe on the PC. Again I scratch my head as I don't understand
why. Maybe times have changed and folk use machines and the
internet in such a way that it is now difficult. I do not know.
BUT and that's a big BUT I will go to the grave maintaining
that networks should be hard wired and devoid of internet
activity. Doesn't mean to say you don't use the internet just
that you never cross the streams. Its called the Venkman rule
and trust me its a rule and not a guide.

So to the girls and today's activities.

Sadly today the tripod broke, big time. As ever I found not
only a replacement on the Bay but an exact same replacement.
I really can't be struggling with kit I know little about. This
meant the pictures were cut together from a rather unsteady hand.
Hopefully matters will return to abnormal soon.

Also remember that this blog is a diary of what I do with my
computers. I am not here to serve as educator or teacher. I
simply offer my activities up as a mild form of entertainment
for those that like to see what a NERD is really like. 

And no the tape deck did not arrive. Bummer.

The Amiga files now safe on the USB stick
That's a 32GB stick. My first Amiga had an
80MB hard drive. I always giggle when I
read of Amiga users needed very very large
hard drives. No idea why.

Problem I noticed with the one PC is that the
clock was slow and way out of date so I
decided to fit a new battery

This is one of the networked PCs. An old
Evesham computer running XP. Was used
as a drawing machine in its day and was
hammered during its life. I clean them
up and tidy the drives and fit new ones
when necessary. Works fine and used as
a back up to the main Amiga server.

Usefully had DVD writer, CD, USB ports
on the front for ease of use. And no floppy

Just your typical small form factor PC

DVi, network card and sound card

Inside is pretty compact and busy

Struggling to find the battery

Found it and replaced no problem

Bit over the top me thinks. Could
cut the grass with that thing.

The very wonderful Pheonix AwardBIOS

Changes the date and checks the drives

And we're done

And the system fires up blah blah blah

And showing my general disrespect
for passwords and profiles I called
mine ... ' whocares '. Only XP machines
I means... who seriously cares.

There you have it, the Amiga Vault

Endless volumes of collected data

All on the PC and with the Amiga
file extensions. This is part of the
Samba folder. One of many

And you can even open the Readme files in Windows

The SMBFS Guide

SMBFS and SMB files

Lets me safely store all my favourite
programs like say DPaint

AMOS Pro and the like



I can store everything without corrupting
the Amiga file structure

And that includes full Workbench directories

All the Amiga folders such as C

Various readme files

All your drawers available across
the network and so becomes so easy
to find anything without going online

And I can open text files using Notepad

All my DICE folders and programs

A vast Aminet library offline

OK enough of the files. This is how I
build the library from the Amiga. Please
note that this is where the tripod broke
so I have had to cut images from crudely
taken photographs. You'll get the idea

Anyway to the Amiga and the Samba Shuffle
First on the 1200 I have to click my
Card Reset tool. I always get this error
and I simply SUSPEND

Next up its the Turn of MIAMI

I have a simple philosophy when it
comes to naming anything on a computer
If its something that I have created
then make the thing as bleedin' obvious
as possible. Never be clever with folder
or file names. So important to distinguish
what is yours and what is application software.
And so the Ethernet Card name for getting
onto the network is SEX. Pure and simple

And these are the settings. Don't mess

Once the Interface is ONLINE ( and please
remember that to put online you use the
button in the upper row of buttons and
not the lower one ) I fire up my script
tool from an icon of mine to run NMBD
This starts the hand shaking and announces
the Amiga to the network... 'Hello girls'

Meet Risa Yoshiki a Japanese Gravure
model and actress that was in the game
Sudden Impact. She resides on Kasumi
as Risa D Drive and Yoshiki C drive.
Kasumi is the girl out of Dead or Alive
Trust me when you have as many computers
as I then naming all the drives after
gaming females really helps me remember

I use Iconian to take a scanned image and
turn this into an Amiga Icon.

So click Kasumi C with the Risa
icon and we get the Yoshiki C drive
on Kasumi and a folder opens on the
Amiga Workbench

To run the SMBFS service I eventually
junked all the usual conventions and
avoided passwords and the like and
called the VOLUME Yoshiki the Workgroup
is the computer name, the user is me
and the only really important part is
the file path for the drive and so
Service=//Kasumi/C/.. which gives full
access to the C Drive on the Windows machine

Checking the drive config through
DOPUS picks up yoshiki as SMBFS0
This is then set to a button

So I created a folder for today called
Amiga Scuzz April 2018 and copied a few
Samba files over. The name Clara on
DOpus represents the main Amiga Repository
on yet another PC. There are twelve in total
Anyone who knows DOpus understands that by
right clicking the left button bank you can
scroll through all your drives. You can also
set the bank up with a scroll bar

And there we have it... my new folder
created on the Windows machine with
some Samba files in

Simple as that. And like I say I have gotten
so use to doing it I kinda take Samba for
granted. Unlike some that I read on the
forums I just don't get any issues with
file names. But then I had some great teachers

Many thanks to the Samba Group on Yahoo

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