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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 6th August 2017: Post: 1

Come and get some !!!


We use to have this tech head who insisted calling everyone he had little 
regard for ' Brian ' . Dunno why and he loved Limp Bizkit and repeated 
over ' With thirty seven tons of new millennium Dumb diddie dumb Where's 
it coming from? Mrs Aguilera, come and get some '.  And course .. Mrs Aguilera 
was called Brian. Today whilst mucking around with my self booting Amiga 
disk I was reflecting on this for  some reason and was moved to add 
Ms Aguilera's face to mu sexy icon for the disk. I mean a disk is not a 
disk without an icon.

Here is how I do it. First you gotta know the size of the icon. Depending
on your screen resolution for the Amiga you have to check. I do this by 
taking a home made icon into thumbs on the PC and checking the size. In this 
case a 128x90 pixel image will do the trick. The A1200 also uses only 8 
colours so you make a note of that also. Rectangle on the PC equates to 
square on the Amiga.

So to the web and a simple Google of Ms Aguilera does the trick. There is no
floppy drive on the Win7 machine so I first do all my editing in Photoshop
given that Photoshop saves in IFF format which is what you need. Sometimes
better to desaturate images to black and white. Tried a whole bag of images.
CDs are ten a penny these days so I simply burnt all my stuff to CD and took 
the opportunity to back up some web pages from the site.

Down to the trusty 1200 and saved the images to a folder on the main drive.
Next I fired up Iconian from 1994 by Chad Randall and loaded in a disk_info
as a project. I used a large icon that I generally use for disks. It is 
important to note with Iconian that you need to save the icon for the icon 
type you intend using the icon for. Sounds obvious but the icons on the Amiga 
do have varying uses depending on their type.

So load the IFF as an  image and then load another for the image of the icon 
when clicked. When happy save the icon and place on your floppy disk. If the 
images have transferred successfully from PC to Amiga and the icon looks fine 
you're ready to add to the library.

Lets celebrate with some Limp meets Brian [ Christina Aguilera ]

.. good new is that Brian looks like getting it back together. The
Christina video reminds me of a certain smooth criminal.

I muck around with a lot of demo disks and I have to say the following appears 
on so many Amiga disks.. together with the game references. Iconic.

Below is a photograph of the finished icon.


Self Booting Amiga Disk
Image Christina Aguilera using Iconian
8 colours WB 3.0. Commodore 1084 Monitor

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