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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 30th August 2017: Post: 1

In search of the A3000T

[ diary entry ]

I had intended creating a series of blogs relating
to the following images and did begin to write a
whole bag of text but sadly time got the better of
me and I moved on. So I feature the images as a kind
of RETROspective of earlier this Spring just so I
can at least feature the photographs.

And so below is RETROSpring 2017 Entry One

I know the 3000T is in there somewhere

Just need to do a bit of digging

That's Nintendo. No time to play

Actual Aminet serial interfaces and cabling

Interesting.. A Pet disk and cartridge

Unusual Amiga game not seen that before

BBC games. Always in the thicker plastic

STOS or dare I say AMOS for the Atari

Very colourful.. Still no A3000T

This is the 5.25 I fitted in the IBM PC
The red tape holds a bit of plastic that
was broken off in the post.

I was gifted this by an Amiga guy

Very rare joystick interface for a PCW9512

A Q Drive .. More on that later

Village Tronic Paloma

Seems a bit lost

Never really got into the old Genlock

My goodness a VLab card and the disk

And now a pile of books

Hope you know what all these squiggly lines mean

Must make a note of these

Not just a tower.. but a Power Tower

This manual is sealed in plastic

Trusty A500 manuals. A time when wire bound was popular

GVP Install stuff

A sprinkling of user guides

A box of Famicom and the like. Unopened

My stockpile of lost and abandoned cassettes

I do like these boxed C64 games

Great games poster

Crazy Cars 3

I have been looking for that

Always makes me chuckle

Now that shouldn't be there


And Tubular Bells... No It's the A3000T
I knew she was in there somewhere !!

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