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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 30th August 2017: Post: 3

RETROSpring 2017 Entry Three

[ diary entry ]

I had intended creating a series of blogs relating
to the following images and did begin to write a
whole bag of text but sadly time got the better of
me and I moved on. So I feature the images as a kind
of RETROspective of earlier this Spring just so I
can at least feature the photographs.

The pictures shown here reflect my activities for
Spring April/May 2017 and the joys of retro.

And so below is RETROSpring of 2017 Entry Three

Checking over a stack of VICs and VCs

Square power for the VICs and circular for the VCs

Prompted a session with GEOS and every disk drive
I could lay my hands on to check various disks

The AMOS back history review

Venturing into early OS's of a kind

To the grandaddy of them all

My first ever database software for the ZX81

Springtime was also spent playing Flight of
the Amazon Queen. Which I enjoyed greatly

Rebuilt my Arnor C disks for the Amstrad 6128

Spent a good time mucking around with the 6128
This year has been a time of getting all my 3"
drives working again on various machines

CP/M ... takes a few minutes to get back into the
swing of using the software, but after a while it
just becomes like old times. Classic.

Protext on the 3" disk

The Einstein also used the 3" drive which in
truth is what makes the software rare for the Einstein

Time to get the Q-Drive working on the A1200

One of my many trusty Aminet CDs to test

The drive has been initialised

Needed to obtain and install the software

The drive is unique as it has its own Squirrel
PCMCIA interface with the A1200. The Q-Drive is
not the only strange drive connected to this 1200
as she also has a 5.25" drive on DF1

The machine adjacent is a working CBM 4032.. and
below a working 1000 connected to a 1060 sidecar

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