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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 30th August 2017: Post: 4

RETROSpring 2017 Entry Four

[ diary entry ]

I had intended creating a series of blogs relating
to the following images and did begin to write a
whole bag of text but sadly time got the better of
me and I moved on. So I feature the images as a kind
of RETROspective of earlier this Spring just so I
can at least feature the photographs.

The pictures shown here reflect my activities for
Spring April/May 2017 and the joys of retro.

And so below is RETROSpring of 2017 Entry Four

Preparing to do battle with the Spectrum

Below is my original ITT that I played when
recording songs on my guitar in my teens. The
PYE cassette was used to carry out interviews for
a history project for a museum.

It was suggested in those days that C15/C30 tapes were
best for storing the all important data. I tended
to use what ever tapes I could lay my hands on

The cover of the ZX81 manual reminded me of Blade Runner
To this day the best ever manual cover created

Enter the mighty ZX81

The tape machine required good controls of
tone and volume as getting the record level
just right for data transfer was a touch tricky
You could spend hours and hours creating a program
and lose everything because of a dodgy recording
I spent all night once creating a database on this
machine just to lose it all on the first recording
And trust me this happened a lot in those days

This kit has been with me for the best part of 35
years and the tapes even longer. And they all still
work without fault. Truly amazing you got to say

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