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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 30th August 2017: Post: 5

RETROSpring 2017 Entry Five

[ diary entry ]

I had intended creating a series of blogs relating
to the following images and did begin to write a
whole bag of text but sadly time got the better of
me and I moved on. So I feature the images as a kind
of RETROspective of earlier this Spring just so I
can at least feature the photographs.

The pictures shown here reflect my activities for
Spring April/May 2017 and the joys of retro.

And so below is RETROSpring of 2017 Entry Five

Haven't collected that much recently but what I
have obtained has filled very important holes

More significant following the repair of the 9512

Checking out the power supply for the pass through
on the Amiga 1000 in readyness for the 1060

Enter the Amiga 1060 sidecar

A PC emulator built by Commodore. In truth it
is a computer in its own right

This marked the beginning of a very long project

Commodore and the PC

In the end I managed to succeed. Not easy

Checking a couple of A3000s I have stacked in here

Boot options screen

Both working fine. Note the differing position
of the floppy drive between machines

Next up I checked through some A4000ds. It is not
possible to have all computers set up, but it is
very important to check them regularly

I have quite a few A4000ds and do use them on a
regular basis for my daily Amiga activities

The BBC was also a major project in the spring
Work had to stop whilst I waited for a battery

This computer has the double floppy drive

The rear of the BBC Master floppy drive unit

An Acorn 3000 that I lost and then found. I knew
I had two of these. In the end found her sitting
under the BBC. Thing is I now know the trick of
how to get them working when they lose the CMOS

I was concerned about the loss of mouse control
The port is below the computer

The machine had a leaking blown battery

So I did a thorough clean up

Sadly the 2.5" is like stuck forever

Dusted the rest of the motherboard off

And like magic the Acorn 3000 worked fine

The replacement battery arrived for the BBC Master

It really is wonderful that folk still make the kit

The inside of the BBC Master

The original battery pack removed

Rubber band man. Feels its all I did in the
spring was replace rubber drive belts to Amstrads
This time it was the turn of the 8256

The drive was easier to remove on this model

The 3" drive generally came in three variations

And yes the belt had broken

And like magic is repaired

And another computer is alive and ready for action

The inside to the Acorn A3020 and another battery removal

Just time to play some Space Invaders on the Sharp MZ80K

The old trick with the post card got the Apple working

Time to muck around with the Spectrum. Spent some
serious time checking over machines and getting the
tapes functioning as they should


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