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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 22nd August 2018: Post 01: Time Lord Back in time

Time Lord - Back in time
I have a policy of never ever sharing software that is subject to
copyright. I have a specific note on my pages explaining to readers
that I do not share software without the express permission of the
owner. Recently I had a request from a reader of the site wanting
a copy of a shareware disk from PC Review 1992. I explained that
I was unable to provide a copy of the disk.

The reader did not give up with his challenge and actually sourced
the original author of the software and forwarded on his approval
to the releasing of the disk contents.

It is not for me to validate the authenticity of such emails, however,
I did check the email address against the company name and found them
to match. If I have been fooled it has been done without my consent
and trust me I did all I could, saving releasing the software, to
avoid copyright issues.

However to serve the greater good and that being to maintain a copy
of the software for future generations I did send one copy to the
person making the request. I have created an image of the various
notes and recorded them in this blog. Hopefully I did the right thing.

Anyway this is Time Lord from 1992 written in Clarion for DOS and
was subject to SHAREWARE meaning if you used it you paid for it.
And the author was Mike McLoughlin as presented on the IBM PS/1.

And no... the disk is not anywhere on this site. Sorry.

Time Lord

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