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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 04th December 2017: Post: 3

Sharp MZ 80K - No need to get under the bonnet

OK Meet the Austin A35 of the computer world. The very wonderful
Sharp MZ80K. And when I say she has a bonnet or hood that you can
lift, well remove the base screws and the whole thing hinges up
like on the bonnet of the car and even has a bonnet stay and catch
to hold the thing in an elevated state. Fortunately this computer
always works and so no need to get under the hood. Fingers crossed.

The machine has no language in ROM so is a touch annoying given that
you need to load BASIC from tape each time. Sharp marketed this as
' Clean Design ' as the computer would be clean for whatever the
user wanted to do with the machine. Not very practical sadly when 
the media is no longer easily available.

The colours are great if you like black and white and there is no
way to redefine the characters. The keyboard is whacky as all the
keys are in line. Great for cleaning with a cotton bud... but truly
crap for typing. Who cares you can only play space invaders anyway.

This computer is what you call a heavy beast and needs to be stored
on the ground floor only. God forbid you ever have to lift the thing
up. The case is solid steel. Never discolours I have to say and you
literally can clean like you wash the car. Still works. And good fun.

MZ 80K made by Sharp  of Japan in 1979
Uses the Sharp LH-0080 ( Zilog Z80 compatible )
The machine runs at 2MHz and has 20KB RAM up to 40KB
Graphics 80 x 50
Has the built in BW monochrome monitor
Built in tape recorder

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