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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 05th December 2017: Post: 3

Toshiba HX-10 - ' Outa Space Man '

OK scrub that last post. I was kinda annoyed at the MSX not working.
So I lay there last night as I burnt out that nonsense that is sleep
[ sleep... what a waste of time... bit like eating ] anyway, I digress,
where was I... oh yes, I lay there and reflected on what I could do
to fix my beloved Toshiba. YES.. I love an MSX machine. I then
remembered vaguely having one of these busted. I jumped out of bed
and reached in my thumb and pulled out a plum, or Toshiba with no
electrical plug and a label that said busted 2005. Eureka. Sadly
I had to sleep so this became a today project.

Switches on the Toshiba to make
me feel better ....

And discover no SPACE bar working

The Horror

OK tools at the ready and fresh cuppa tea
Time to swap out the old keyboard

This will be the doner. Don't worry
no Toshibas were hurt in the making
of this scuzzblog post

First a quick tour

Remove the eight screws holding
the keyboard in place

Unclip the two keyboard connectors
Way better idea than ribbons

Carefully remove the keyboard

This will now be transferred

Checks the old keyboard for damage

Oddity around the old keyboard space bar

The replacement has better LED soldering

And the grey connectors are all flat


M A G I C !!

Toshiba HX-10 running Microsoft Extended BASIC
( MSX Basic v1.0 ).. with QWERTY keyboard
73 keys and with graphics symbols
CPU is a z80A running at 3.6Mhz
Video display is TMS 9929A
RAM 64kb - ROM 32kb and 16 colours

The cartridge slot for games with joystick port

I do like the HX-10... cracking machine

Nice to have this one back up and running

That is the SPACE bar plunger socket

And the debris from distant users past

All back in the box

I did put a plug on the busted machine

Not working ... Never mind. She gave of her
keyboard . I can ask no more.

The HX-10 KIT

HX-10 Kit HX-10 Kit HX-10 Kit HX-10 Kit


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