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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 06th December 2017: Post: 1

B.A.T. II - for the Amiga by Ubisoft

Time was when I could lose myself completely in a good game. Those
types of adventure seem very few and far between these days. Gaming
isn't what it use to be. Creators of games did use to want to tell
a story and invite you into their own special fantasy. Today it is
more about killfests and first person shooters in what is an ever
increasingly realistic environment. Seems like since the dawn of
civilisation mankind has enjoyed the hunting and brutal killing.
MMOs are no different. Basically just PvP where one player goes a
hunting for another... to kill them or be killed. Simple as that.

For me I have always enjoyed the adventure, exploration and the 
story telling. Original computer games were very much text based
and required a lot of imagination. Most early Spectrum games were
puzzle solving and did require you to remember stuff. Even the games
of Tomb Raider had a bias toward the explore, adventure and puzzle
solving with just a modest sprinkling of  shooting. I appreciate
that from the early platform games the old killing stuff has always
been a theme, but, the number of those games were more than balanced
by your god games, puzzle and adventure games. 

It is not say I have not played my fair share of fighting games. I
enjoyed all the Duke Nukem games and Metal Gear Solid and God of War.
But, I could always vary the things I did game wise by firing up 
a good problem solving game like Valhalla or Beneath a Steel Sky.

The game featured here is BAT II, though I think one or two other
bits and pieces found their way into the box. The game requires a
dongle to play. It really is an interesting concept game that works
on a whole varying level of ideas. I do like the artwork again and
the guys are truly masters of the story telling. A really good game
and thankfully in today's world of carnage and shooters this brings
to the computer a more dignified form or killing.


B.A.T. II The Koshan Conspiracy 1992 Ubi Soft. A futuristic adventure
game written by Computer' Dream. This was the follow up to B.A.T.

The game is set in the future and involves exploring a city where you
interact with characters from the game in an effort to solve puzzles.
There are mini games and challenges as you travel to other cities
and even into outer space. The game for me is very none linear which
is what I like. I did enjoy modifying B.O.B. the wrist computer.

Great game

B.A.T. from 1990 the previous game

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