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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 07th December 2017: Post: 2

Commodore Customer Care Pack - Even before the ink dried

I do like finding odd bits and pieces mixed in with the computers
that kinda shine a light on the time period for the machine. This
little care package was lost within an Amiga 500 box and was
sealed, so no idea how the items were put together. What is funny
is that the ink on the letter has bled into the case and adjacent
paperwork, very much as though the ink hadn't dried.

The effort and energy Commodore put into their customer support
is a beacon to all those would-be computer sales companies of
today that just shift boxes. This letter is signed by the MD and
does try to welcome the customer into the Amiga community.

400 for an Amiga 500. The way the prices are going on Ebay the
computer looks as though it'll cost that much again. Anyway just
a bit more of the computer's history remembered.

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