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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 11th December 2017: Post: 1

GEOS Controller - Suncom Icontroller for the C64

I am truly amazed sometimes at what I have lying around and never
knew what they were for. This week I have been struggling to get
a mouse working for GEOS and the C64. And yet lying there on top
of the C128d has been this odd mini joystick that never dawned on
me was for the Commodore 64. Better still was just perfect for
controlling GEOS.

One site that I visited referred to the Suncom as a GEOS controller.
Others refer to it as a Icontroller or Troller mini joystick. That
is all I found out about this controller. It basically needs to be
stuck down with double sided tape to the corner of the C64C and
then plugged into the joystick port. It has a pass through on the
port so you can still plug in another joystick.

Thing about mice and controllers on the C64, you know of they will
work cus they allow you to type in on the keyboard. Without that
facility you cannot load software or drivers for the kit while
plugged in. So when I fired up the C64 and I could type my LOAD
commands I kinda sensed I was onto a winner. 

The Suncom Icontroller

Self adhesive tabs hold in place

Simple mini joystick and button

Pass through on the port connector

Great size for operating with a single finger

Small yet very easy to use

And the colours match the C64C

Very easy to install

OK time to test the Icontroller

I am able to load my GEOS command

And there we are.. Back into GEOS

And it works

Flying through the menus

Just perfect

What a magical little device

Actually better than the mouse

Your hands are so close to the keyboard

Calculator working

Mouse pointer or should I say Troller

Someones notepad on file

Still can't copy the GEOS disk

Desktop designer

The kernel

My Icontroller is not on the list

Guess I can get back to BASIC

Simons BASIC

The old calling card

Well there you have it

I am thoroughly GEOS'd up now

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