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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 14th December 2017: Post: 4

A little bit of ORIC-1 - Gaming style

I was a great fan of Blakes7 growing up and have most of the series 
on tape... That's cassette tape not video. In the series there was 
a computer called ORAC and I often reflect on name being very similar
to the ORIC. Interestingly there is a game of Blakes7 for the Oric.

Sadly I don't have much for the ORIC-1. Kinda wasn't my cuppa tea
if I'm honest. Bit like the Atari and the Mac. So I don't have many
games to feature. There are probably more in boxes but I really 
cannot be sifting through any more tubs this side of 2018.

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