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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 17th December 2017: Post: 4

6128 - Guess I should have checked

I was prompted by a poster on the CPC forum to take a look at the
disk power supply. In my last post about the 6128 I commented that
I could insert the belt with just one of the side power supplies
detached. The reason was that the other was covered by a metal
bracket. Tonight I removed that bracket... and guess what ?

Well I never

It's not connected

Should have removed the bracket
and checked. Anyway.. good to know

OK let's have another go

Bracket fixed back in place

Disk at the ready

cat entered

SHE's ALIVE... !!! Whoo HOOOOOO !!!

Disk light is active

Amazing.. Truly amazing

Thanks to the CPCWiki Forum.. Well done !!

Time now to remove some of that grave dust

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