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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 19th December 2017: Post: 2

The last of the 464's

Flushed with my success at getting the 6128 power switch working
I decided to have a go at the last of my CPC464s. This unit was
almost crushed by the delivery people. It is such a long computer
and if not supported and protected properly it will do literally
what has happened here. Sadly the end section where the weight
is snaps. So sad. The computer has never worked and I had long
given up on ever getting any use out of the machine.

Anyway.. see how I got on.

Busted but not broken.. Who would do that ?

Snapped in transit

No power sadly. Dead in the water

Previous owner scratched their initials

Anyway .. to the power switch

Wires are very well connected

Cleaned the connector

There is an earth to the switch screw

All back safely.. No lost wires this time

It worked !! IT BLOODY WORKED !!!

Well I never

Isn't that a wonderful sight

After all these years she is working

Sadly the tape drive belt just isn't
strong enough to turn the tape

I have drive belts arriving in the post
so I will repair as soon as they arrive


My headphones have broken. I have had
these headphones for probably twenty years
the wire to the left just broke off completely
The headphones are held together by tape but
try as I have to get a lightweight set that
gives out the same sound I have failed

Anyway, zonked onto Ebay and found an auction
for buy now on the exact same headphones. SONY
Fingers crossed. Its kind odd listening through
the one ear piece at the moment.....

Just thought I would share that with you.

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