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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 20th December 2017: Post: 2

Alice Matra & Hachette - Well Hello

Hang on this is just a red MC-10... Interesting. Evidently in 1981
Matra signed a deal with TRS to develop a MC-10 clone. And the Alice
was born. Impressively the famous French illustrator Moebius drew the
artwork for the cover and box... And very nice too !!

Matra & Hatchette Alice made in France 1983
Production for the unit ended in 1982 for the 4K and 1985 for the 32K
Entry level small build factor machine almost identical to MC-10
Basic 1.0 by Microsoft
QWERTY keyboard
CPU is a Motorola 6803
Running at 0.89 MHz with 4KB of RAM and 8KB ROM
Text mode is 32 x 16 with graphics Basic 64 x32 9 Colours
Sound 1 channel
Power supply 10v - 1.3A
The unit supports a 16K RAM expansion plus printer

This is an interesting little computer. Sadly I do not have a scart for
it or a power supply, so I will never know if she works. What I do like
are the French scribbles inside the manual. Need to brush up on my French

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