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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 20th December 2017: Post: 3

ST Dragon or Saint Dragon - A one disk Amiga gem

Ok I do know what a cracked game looks like and this game seems
to have been a popular target. A great scrolling shooter and one
that seriously gets pretty fast and furious. I include also some
other one disk marvels that are alway worth the gaming time.

I have two different boxed versions of this game

Whilst collecting old computers I come
across quite a few of these hand written
disks with the names of games on them.
So what happens when I run the disk ...

Interesting !!

The game then starts just as the boxed version

Anyways.. moving along

Games with just the one disk

Here are some other one disk game favourites
Scuse the Shadow of the Beast top being the
wrong way round but its a cassette sheet so
I'm sure you are well versed in rotating stuff...

OK Alright then ... !!!

Four one disk games and one two disk game (AB)


This game has two disks but came up
on my search for St Dragon. This is
an incredible game for just two disks

I do love games that have like a mini
book at the beginning of the manual

Well there you have it... and I had the
ST Dragon game with my Atari collection
for ages as I thought that is what the
ST on the title stood for .. duh !!

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