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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 21st December 2017: Post: 3

Husky little Hunter

I read that they tested this computer by dropping it off a high storey
building. And it survived. This is quite a unique little beast as
it is designed as a field computer and works in extreme environments.
Runs on 4 AA batteries, though mine threw a wobbly when switched
on but then sprang into life printing endless b's on the screen.
The warning suggests that the batteries should always be active so
maybe there has been something lost from the computer over the years.

Rock solid little slab of a computer. Not sure if its ever been
switched on in all the years I have had it. Bought it more as a
novelty than a computer. Evidently it is shock proof and water proof.
Used by the army and doctors and scientists. 

HUSKY HUNTER by Husky Computers Limited
Buit in the UK in 1984
Uses an Extended BASIC interpreter.
Qwerty rubber keyboard
CPU is a NSC 800 4 and is Zylog compatible running at 4 MHz
Co-Processor NSC810 PIA 
RAM is 80 KB and ROM 48 KB
Text Mode 40 x 80 with Graphic Modes 240 x 64 dot full graphic LCD
OS DEMOS (CP/M 2.2 compatible)

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