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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 22nd December 2017: Post: 1

Plus 1 monitor - Electron overload

Got busy setting up the Electron with all the usual and decided
that flat shelf on the Plus 1 needed to be put to use. And so enter
the portable TV. Interestingly this TV was probably always yellow
as it is the same colour all the way round. The TV has power leads
that can clip onto a car battery. Great little tool and one that I
generally use with a Spectrum.

I also uncovered a bag of goodies to hook up to the Plus 1

This TV sits in its small box
with a MegaMidget Racer sitting
on top ... seriously. It found its
way here from a loft in St Helens
with the Checkmate. Long story

All the various attachments to use the
TV on the road are included in the box

I sense the TV has always been that
colour. I have an old reel to reel
tape recorder that looks just the same

Dunno why I left the Aerial connector
stuck in the headphone socket. Ar hum

Two power input supplies ....
Your actual AC and DC

That tuner panel isn't actually
that colour .. just the way this
camera plays tricks bouncing light

All the various tuners for
radio etc plus volume etc

And there she is on the Plus 1
Bet you didn't think she was that small

Just the size for the Electron

Almost made for the job

And like magic we have Acorn Electron BASIC

The camera doesn't pick up the sharpness
of the screen as it insists on focussing
on the outer glass layer of the TV

I found a few odd bits of kit going
through the Electron tub

These sexy paddles with the connector
for the Acorn Plus 1

Plus cable and ribbon for a printer

Next up I connected the tape cassette
Starting to get very busy now

All working as intended

Found this great games tape with
the switched joystick interface

Wont actually be needing the interface

Sadly the camera just refuses to
focus on the screen as it just keeps
homing in on the outer glass protective
layer to the TV. You get the idea though

Whoo Hoo !! Starship Command

Well I'm going to have some gaming
fun on the Electron... Good stuff

Next up... GEOS

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