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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 29th December 2017: Post: 3

Sharp PC-7221 - Lunchbox

Keep banging my foot on this computer so thought it was about time
I put it away. Here are some pictures for your perusal.

The Sharp PC-7000 series of computers introduced in 1985 is one 
of the first lightweight portable computers and was given the
name lunchbox. It boasts the worlds first backlit LCD display.
Runs an 8086 PC at 7.37 using MS-DOS 2.11. Has a 5.25 350K floppy

Nice looking beast I have to say and the screen is wonderful. There
is an error on boot which having reviewed is likely due to a dead
battery. Floppy goes round and makes all the right beeps.

Already in store. See what else I can kick now.... I see an old Mac
over there. 

This was when I tried kicking the thing

It really isn't worth spending the time fixing
the battery just to see a DOS prompt. I will
let the poor thing rest in the dark.

Time for tea or is it lunch.. Dunno

That's me for today. Shiny C64 tomorrow

Funny this cus I actually broke my toe
kicking that SX-64 box when it first arrived
Travelled all the way to Cardiff to pick up
that particular brute. Across the bridge.

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