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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 20th December 2018: Post 02: TRS-80 - I should CoCo

TRS-80 - I should CoCo

You would be amazed at where computers sit in this place. If there
is a horizontal surface then there is space for a computer. So
each of the monitors has one of these babies on the top. Well that
or a MSX or Amstrad 6128 etc. So atop the Amiga 2000 1942 sits this
TRS-80 Color and she is draped in white protective tissue to stop
the dust.

Every so often I treat the little computers to time on the bench
and today is the turn of the TRS. She always works, well so far
anyway. I like the way she pops on from the button and makes her
reset noises. The keyboard is a dream, though I find the cartridge
a little tedious.

A good BASIC computer which handles the corners very well though
not so good on the straight as the C64 always zonks past. Makes
easy work of navigating the commands and well worth getting one
if you get the chance.

Nice ....

And for those with COLOR the TRS is in black and white. Sorry.
The computer is not really CoCo more 64K Tandy Color 2 with the
full travel keyboard.... I like that ' Travel '.  Like drift as
in RRType 4. [ whoosh ]

TRS-80 - I should CoCo

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