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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 21st December 2018: Post 01: Commodore 64C - Popping them C's

Commodore 64C - Popping them C's
Shortest day and yet the most on show for a day in a long time.
So what am I up to... Well other than playing way too much of the
game League of Legends [ as you do ] I have been up to my neck
in C64C computers. Folk that read the blog know that I have these
computers stored away and with the C64C I have boxed versions
and way more sitting around being used generally.

And so to the box cupboard again and inside I found three of the
computers stacked at the bottom, so I thought I better just check
that they are working.

And then I went to my main storage area which I have in the
adjacent room where I have my main Amiga stockpile and there
sitting between a row of five A500s is yet another C64C box trying
to look all 'Amigafied' and not fooling anyone.

So I put down Ahri and opened up the four boxes, first the three
stacked boxes from the cupboard and then the one from the next
room. Surprise surprise they all worked just fine.

Commodore 64 - Loadsa C's

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

And number 4

And finally ....

PS. Just a scuzz comment. I would never ever
unnecessarily take a keyboard apart and risk
destroying it and the keys with Retro Brighting
or what ever its called. Aesthetics are a state
of mind and my brain sees age as a beautiful thing
and not something to try and defy. The problem is
that each time you undertake such processes on
a computer you destroy the very nature of the
plastic and its coating. Worse, the computer is
put at risk through damage to keys and the like.

Once the computer has lost its original coating it
is no longer the same case.

I am quite happy to repair faulty items where I can
but I wouldn't wilfully destroy something just
cus I have a problem with something's age.

One other comment and one that relates to the
insides.... I guess I'm lucky. My computers work.
I don't buy into the old capacitor issue given
that I have over 200 computers and they generally
all work. All my Amigas do.. so why do so many
others have a problem. I really don't know.

So simple rule... Aint broke, don't fix it.

You gotta love that yellow.... so mellow.

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