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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 21st December 2018: Post 06: For the love of Elvira

For the love of Elvira

Elvira fans will know of my love for this woman. Man does she get
my motor running. So imagine my annoyance at not being able to
readily link a feature on the box artwork that I lovingly restored
recently. I managed to tangle the images with Captain Planet of
all things.

Anyway I have managed to extract the lovely Elvira from her nightmare
and added the other half of my images in an extended blog of her
wonderful games.

So here we have the very lovely Elvira. Preserved.

Previously on scuzzblog.

I kinda made a conscious decision back in April 2008 that I would
resist adding much more to the collection. Over the ten years since
that date I have added a number of items, but still refrain from
collecting general computers and the more bulky items. I have
seriously run out of space.

Saying all that I do keep an eye on the auctions and if something
comes up that catches my eye I will put the odd bid in.

I have been desperate for some time to get hold of a boxed version
of Elvira the Arcade Game. Sadly sellers just want way too much for
the game and it sells better in the States. So when a boxed game
came on the auctions relatively cheap I was intrigued as to why.
Turns out the box and poster has suffered water damage.

Anyway, I won the auction and determined to scan the box and restore
in Photoshop the actual box art. In truth Photoshop is so good I
could basically print off a new version and make a new box if I
so wanted. Not an issue as the artwork is all I wanted anyway.

In addition to the box being damaged the first disk was also faulty.
I was able to make a repair with another disk that I have.

Elvira Unboxed

My water damaged box of Elvira the Arcade Game.

The box corner, front face and poster were damaged.

The inner box had survived better.

The poster had also picked up water damage.

Poster damage to both sides.

I also had to mend the first of the game disks.

This was the box art in its damaged state.

This was the box art fully reinstated.

The poster in its damaged state.

The poster in its repaired state.

And earlier that month

Elvira you failed me

Elvira the Arcade Game

Elvira.. What lovely artwork.

Sadly Disk 1 was busted.

I do have another working set.
There are just the two disks.

So I X-copied the disks...

And woke Elvira up with my copied set.

Managed to get into the game on
using the book for the password.

So I placed the copied set in the box.

Time to fire up the 1500 and see if
the disks work on that machine.

The game was OK until it reached this point
and then kept bombing out.

So I used my copied first disk and the
original second and could fly past the
dreaded crash point.

I was able to continue and enjoyed
a good hour playing the game. Great fun.

Elvira II


For all the very wonderful computer
retro gear I have featured on this
website this image of Elvira gets
more hits than any other. No idea why

The very wonderful Cassandra Peterson

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