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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 22nd December 2018: Post 04: Don't try this at home

Don't try this at home

Like the title says , don't try this at home. Cus it don't work.
I was persuaded by a YouTuber to have a look into my failed hard
drive in the USB Passport. Just a heads up ... DON'T.

It wasn't the fact that the intention wasn't good and or that the guy did have some success himself. It is just that I discovered first hand just how poorly these drives are made. They don't want you to open them up to see how cheap they are put together. I am truly surprised these things work for so long in the first place. The guy suggested opening up the drive and simply turning the disc as you gently release the head. What he doesn't explain is that the head is so flimsy and cheaply made there is no way that by even touching it you will ever get the drive calibrated again. Its like impossible. Maybe possible on better quality drives but on this.. factory sealed means just that. And that is why they hide all the screws. Suffice to say it was a total failure and the drive is still SH*T.

Don't try this at home

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