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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 23rd December 2018: Post 01: BBC B - Microcomputer

BBC B - Microcomputer

I have several Amiga 500s stacked like books in front of a cupboard
and I am forever moving them to get stuff from the cupboard. Bit
annoying but it really is the best place for the 500s. What makes
it a little more frustrating is that it is also home to a busted
BBC Microcomputer. Cus it really does get kicked around a lot.

I felt so bad about kicking it yet again I decided to picture it
before it finally got totally crippled. The computer was broken
from the get-go, bought for reference more than anything else. She
has no keyboard connector top the main motherboard and I sense
there are a number of other vital elements either broken or maybe
even missing. Like the external 5.25 floppy drive port.

I also have this external floppy drive for the BBC that may have
not found it's way onto these pages. So I gathered a batch of typical
items you would normally associate with the BBC and threw them
into the scuzzblog cooking pot and out popped this page.

So nothing of any great significance here other than to say the
computer is broken. It will not be repaired. I have two other Model Bs
plus the Master System and loads of Electrons so I'm not looking
to enhance the collection by struggling to get this working. I just
have to not think about it... OK. Dangerous.

The BBC B was developed by the BBC and manufactured by Acorn. The
machine is 8-bit technology and was released in December 1981. The
CPU is a 2 MHz MOS 6502/6512 and has 16 to 32 KB memory.

BBC B - Microcomputer

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