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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 23rd December 2018: Post 02: Amiga 1200 - The hard drive challenge

Amiga 1200 - The hard drive challenge
Regular readers of the blog will know that I do struggle with the
older 2.5" internal hard drives on all computers. This is a big
problem with the Amiga 1200. If you do not rotate those drives
on a regular basis they will lock up. It is a tragic moment when
you fire up the A1200 or 600 and get that nasty constant whir of
the thing trying to boot.

So earlier this year I procured five brand new 2.5" hard drives
from China of all places and fitted them to five lucky Amiga 1200s.
Having successfully installed the software I basically set them
in store and check them at various times. I have not installed
very much on the machines, leaving them in a very raw state.

Each machine has a name, as all my 1200s do, and they have been
given a star or triangle with colours that relate to my internal
system of recording and filing.

So today's blog is a basic testing process of the 5 Amigas that 
is just to test the drives. To do this I check the boot sequence,
the file structure and memory. The HD status and drive status
from HDToolbox and SysInfo. I do a thorough check of write and
rewrite plus delete, copy and move and check that files are all
transferring etc as desired.

I check any cards and put them through their paces. My final
test as ever is to run a large DPaint animation to see that
this runs without fault.

I can report happily that all computers and respective drives
passed the test with flying colours and got the old thumbs up
from the system. So job done for another few months. Other
1200s get tested every single week and maybe even daily in
certain circumstances. Of all my problems with computers the
hard drive is the biggest. If I can get the drives working then
I am generally happy with the status of things.

Here is my report.....

Amiga 1200 - 5 x 2.5"

Has fitted an Apollo 060. Kinda fast.

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