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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 24th December 2018: Post 03: Amiga 600 - More Wicked

Amiga 600 - More Wicked
OK and into the cupboard once more and out popped this A600.
Seems to be a little more complete. The box art on these
packages is just wonderful. I do recall when the 600 was on
show in the shops. They just lit up the displays. The colours
were so rich and vibrant.

The big issue in terms of survivability for the boxes is the
size sadly. I can imagine a lot of households simply dumping
the boxes as they were just so big. Not easy to store. Some
stack better than others. This one is just dreadful. And if
you leave it out it will fade sadly. Which is areal shame.

Up to a few months ago I thought I only had one of these boxes.
Turns out I have three of them. Not particularly remarkable
other than for the simple puzzle as to why I needed to buy the

The A600 is a pretty basic machine and not one I enjoy that much.
The first I bought was from a local guy and I used it for Sensi
Soccer for the most part. Sadly the Philips monitor packed up.
I did get it repaired only to break yet again.

I have struggled getting hard drives to work on the 600 and
without the easy accelerator option I never bothered to upgrade
them much. I prefer concentrating on the Amiga 1200.

I have reviewed the 600 at length previously so check the index.

And so to two A600 machines in the WWW boxes. Some with stuff and
some without. I tend to take disks and books out as you know.

Amiga 600 - More Wicked

I know you are in. The lights on.

Sadly slower than a slow thing with a
very good reason for being slow.

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