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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 25th December 2018: Post 01: Amiga 500 - Screen Gems

Amiga 500 - Screen Gems

Its been a real challenge getting into the store cupboard in the
box room but I'm just about done now. I don't go in there very
often and stuff gets trapped. I have a couple more features to
provide entries for, hopefully over the next two days. However
for now the door is shut and I have placed more Amigas in front
of the door.

Two of these Amigas are in Screen Gem boxes and sit like a shelf
for the A600 in the Wild Weird Wicked box. Which in turn supports
books, games etc. It's like that here. The whole lot is sandwiched
between a large table and a stack of disk drawers so they are lost
for a while. So before I finally closed this area down I decided
to open the boxes and test that the A500s were working.

I was well pleased with the polystyrene cheese in the boxes which
is a rarity in terms of packaging. The computers looked as though
they hadn't ever been opened. The one has the seal broken but no
evidence that the unit had been actually unscrewed.

Disks and games etc should have been removed so I was kinda
surprised to find stuff still in the boxes. Nothing special.

I tried both machines and they worked like a charm. The A500 is
very robust and pretty bullet proof. Great computers and a credit
to the good name of Commodore. Sad to put them away. But hey.

All safely tucked away again now.

Amiga 500 - Screen Gems

When I received this box there was evidence
that the outer sleeve had been removed and
stored in an uncontrolled area and populated
with the dreaded spiders

Spiders are a menace to boxes even when
left for a very short time. They can do
all kinds of damage to the cardboard.

To remove spider drops you try very
carefully to apply a small damp spot to
the dropping, leave for small while then
pick off with a cocktail stick. Never
rub the cardboard or try to remove dry.

They also leave pink spots which cannot
ever be removed sadly. You can keep the
boxes covered... but moisture also can
build up behind the covering and any
contaminant like finger marks will
degrade and also go pink. Difficult.

Amiga 500 - Screen Gems Box 2

Night night Amiga 500s. Well done.

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