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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 25th December 2018: Post 02: Dreamweb and Valhalla

Dreamweb and Valhalla - Saturnalia wonders

I have featured Dreamweb and Valhalla before. However, when I get
to the shortest day of the year I always reflect on times when I
would sit at the Amiga and then find it had gotten dark and I
hadn't even noticed.

I recall one just period with fond memory as I dug out two cover
disks in December 1994 and spent weeks playing Valhalla and Dreamweb.
Quite magical times and when I think of the utter joy the Amiga
was in those days it is hard to compare with anything that has
been as intoxicating.

Magazines of the period were filled to the brim with generous
helpings of wonderful games and articles. You could not but marvel
at the volume of available goodies for the Amiga. And all so
colourful and seductive. I would spend nights drooling over the
pages of Amiga Format, CU and Amiga Computing.

Before the late winter holiday I would normally stack up on a
few bits of music and magazines and games and then spend the days
taking it all in. And like I say the nights and days just blurred
into each other to the point when I didn't know what day it was
let alone the actual time.

Happy happy days and which were very special in the memory.

One piece of music I do recall that winter of 1994 and that was
Kate Bush and The Red shoes. She hadn't done anything for a while
and I was so pleased to be able to lose myself in the tracks as
I tried to untangle to Dreamweb.

Valhalla without doubt is one of the most addictive Amiga games
ever. Try as I might to put this game down I just couldn't.
The clues were a little cryptic and it sometimes seemed that
you had exhausted all options just to suddenly realise what was
needed. And then one of those doors would open and you were
once again on to the next puzzle. Incredible !!!

So here is but a selection of what was on offer that winter
solstice a true Saturnalia wonder.

To play some of the footy you do need a Competition Pro controller.
Getting quire rare and expensive now. Thank goodness I grabbed a
few when they were cheap.

Dreamweb and Valhalla

I have all my bits and pieces for
my ProGrab feature so more in the new year.

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