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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 26th December 2018: Post 02: Amiga 1200 - Archos the side-kick

Amiga 1200 - Archos the side-kick

So just how was I going to check that the A1200 was running properly
without opening up and slotting in a hard drive. I just wasn't going
to break that seal. And irrespective of views to the different I do
not believe there to be any capacitor issues. never had any.

So what do I do ?

That was easy.. bring out the Archos Overdrive and slot her into the
PCMCIA port on the side and play a few games. I did run into a snag
with memory but hey that can be overcome no problem.

The Overdrive has the Workbench OS 3.0 on it together with a very
full compliment of games, courtesy of the previous owner. I would
need to extract the games manuals as they often ask for codes.

Anywhooooooo... The computer performed perfectly. As you can see.

Amiga 1200 - Archos the side-kick

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