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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 26th December 2018: Post 03: Not so easy as Sunday morning

Not so easy as Sunday morning
OK a little cryptic but I can explain. In the previous post I was
saying how I recovered the A500 box perched on a large stack of
magazines. Well these happened to be the 'Sunday' as printed by
the News of the World. It was a new publication given out free
with the News of the World at the beginning of the eighties. Thing
was, having collected all of the first editions of the magazine
I couldn't get out of the habit of buying the News of the World
each Sunday and collecting them.

Now consider that the News of the World went belly up in 2011, or
actually sacrificed to get out of a wrangle over phone hacking.
[ allegedly ]. Not sure what was proven but in the end I think
a few people even went to jail. So... there was one a week for
52 weeks so times that by twenty years say and you get ... A lot.
And I have them all... mad!

For me I loved my walk to the newspaper steward, and it really
always felt like ' Easy ' on a Sunday morning. Never thought I
would be showing Russ Abbot on the blog.

Kinda sad reading through many of the editions as they kinda
have a reoccurring theme that you may be able to spot.

I also show the lovely Kim Basinger who appeared in yet another
free rag that I was tempted at times to pick up. Kim Basinger
and Sharon Stone dominated the film world for a while and they
kinda tried to out do each other in the provocative film scenes
section. Kim for her strip in Nine and a Half Weeks and Sharon
in the legs crossing scene in Basic Instinct. [ or was it uncrossing ].

Kim also appeared in the film Cool World with none other than
Brad Pitt. The film was ported to the Amiga as a game. See below.

And finally to Easy like Sunday Morning... a classic by Lionel
Richie... and here is the killer link. He was once the lead
singer with none other than the ' Commodores '. So there is the
retro link... phew got there in the end.

Here, listen to Easy Like Sunday Morning on YouTube

Not so easy as Sunday morning

Interestingly the lovely Miss Clara Veiga
was spotted at Mr Chow in New York having
lunch with Mickey Rourke. It was 8th Nov 2006
so I wouldn't rush round there. They've gone.

Cool World - Back page of CU Amiga
for November 1992.

Cool World - Page 11 of Amiga Power
for October 1992

Cool World - The video

Cool World - The Game Ocean
1992 Paramount Pictures
Kim Basinger - Bradd Pit

Cartoon Land Gone Bad !!

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