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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 27th December 2018: Post 01: Amiga 500 - Last of the lost

Amiga 500 - Last of the lost

Finally out of the cupboard and not without the one thing I went
in there to retrieve. I had known for some time about the A500
stranded on that large pile of magazines. So I struggled to reach
the box to finally take a look inside. I actually couldn't get
to the box with my hands and had to use a long stick to pull it
over and into my grasp.

The box had been sitting there since 2008 when I put the things
away in the cupboard. I was gifted a large table which just fit
the space in the room, but in doing so trapped what was in the
cupboard. I have been able to retrieve quite a lot from the
cupboard but never before what was in this A500 box.

I could tell from the contents that I hadn't even really looked
inside the box. I certainly wouldn't have left the book inside
nor the mouse and its little house. A quite strange SONY device
which I am assuming is an aerial of sorts.

Felt kinda bad about the small RAM card which probably wasn't
as badly damaged in terms of battery leakage when I put the box
away. I did try to clean up but she was a dead duck. Never mind.

The computer worked just fine and was fully sealed so I didn't
even try opening her up. Suffice to say the box has not returned
to the cupboard. I will keep it safely in arms reach from now on.

Amiga 500 - Last of the lost

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